Advanced deployment of intelligent automation to build resilient supply chain from now on.
Advanced deployment of intelligent automation to build resilient supply chain from now on.
iAmech dedicated to become the innovator in the logistics fields with premium automation technology. Providing effective and tailor-made solutions, including Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), High-Speed Sortation System, Autonomous Mobile System AGV/AMR, which integrated in logistics, ecommerce, online and offline retail, manufacturing, agriculture industry upgrading logistics efficiency and lowering the manpower cost. iAmech can be your best partner via voyage of industry 4.0 transformation.

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Two Dimension Shuttle AS/RS

High-density retrieval system used in handling pallet goods, which is the best solution for characteristics of high volume or small SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) to store and retrieve.
The shuttle can travel four ways between main aisles and sub-aisles without forklift to rotate, and the system can be widely applied in industry such as food and beverage, chemical, 3PL(Third Party Logistic) etc.

Load Capacity:1500 kg / pallet
Shuttle Travel Speed:40m / min
Applicable Temperature:-25℃~+50℃
Narrow-carrier Cross Belt Sorter

Cross Belt Sorter system is flexibly configured with routes and optimized space utilization adopting modular structured carriers and belt sorter. Carriers are designed to narrow space between goods, which elevates efficiency of sorting. Letters, packages, polybags and cartons are all suitable sorting fast with 99.7% accuracy performance! 
Goods Weight:0.5~10kg
Sorting Speed:90m/min
Sorting Capacity:9000pcs/hr
Double-Layer Circular Cross Belt Sorter

With a high sorting capacity of 24000 pieces per hour, Double-Layer Circular Cross Belt Sorter can improve efficiency with bidirectional conveyor belts.
By scanning the barcode to read shipment routes, massive order fulfillment can be processed any minute!

Sorting Capacity:24000pcs/hr
Sorting Speed:150m/min
Sorting Pitch:600mm
Conveyor Automated Guided Vehicle

Through different navigation travel path settings, embed with functions like auto-navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance mechanism, safety protection etc.
It can be programmed to control movements with high precision and high speed.

Guiding Method:Optical navigation, QR code navigation, navigation by laser, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
Loading:300 kg(including transfer equipment)
Parking Accuracy: ±10 mm
Continuous Cross-Floor Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor

Continuous Cross-Floor Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor
Reciprocating transporting goods vertically like an elevator, and it only needs minimum space for cross-floor handling conveying. 

Goods Weight:1000 kg
Goods Dimension:L1200 x W1200 x H1800 mm

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